Safer in the Sky

by Should We Run

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released October 14, 2013



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Should We Run San Francisco, California

Humanistic, existential, haunting, dreamy, indie goodness from San Francisco, CA.

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Track Name: Dimensions in My Crown
Verse 1

I used to leave my body in the nighttime,
I just flew around, to see what I could see,
But nowadays I stay inside my skin too long,
I count on these songs, so I can breathe,
Maybe I should settle down, pretend I'm human,
and just pick a town,
Cuz all this star-chasing's got me down,
Searching for black holes, dimensions in my crown."


What if there were nothing, nothing at all, is this all there is? ...nothing at all.

Verse 2

The shake in your swallowed speech, the bend waiting in your knee,
Like the branches of a fallen tree, like the chances that you'd never reach,
The sunlight made my tears dry and held me from the inside,
Took the sadness from my ears and took the sand out of my ears,
Are you safer in the sky? Where your hands can't hold you down?
Is it lonely with no skin...and no hands to hold you in?
Track Name: I Try
Verse 1

I can't seem to be the perfect man,
I just can't accept who I am,
that this is my wingspan,
And I'm losing days like this, weeks and months and years,
It appears, I'm doing fine, but fine is far from perfect.
Take off your cape my friend, and have a glass of rye,
You're far too taken by this life,
You follow hollow branches pointing down south,
Meanwhile blades of grass push through your toes.


What do you want from me?
You know, I try! This is the bed that we made,
Sometimes it don't seem fair! This is the place where we lie,
Sometimes it just ain't right! This is my face full of wait,
You know, I try! Behind the chase in my mind

Verse 2

Crawl out of hiding, only under sheltered sky,
The fog must be a blanket for my mind,
My tongue's all twisted and my words sound ill-inclined,
Is this my best or just the last of all my tries,
Take off the pain, the one you paint over your eyes,
I'll hold them wet, I'll hold them dry,
I love the sound you make just before you cry,
But I miss the sun shining all its light.
Track Name: We Never Fail (We Never Start)
We keep building these buildings and structuring structures, this city we've fucked her I guess,
Now she lays like an actress, an uprooted cactus, those needles nailed down through her dress,
And, yes, I confess that I stood back and watched,
to wrapped up in unsevered chords,
For the strings of my past, tie my wings to the mast,
of a ship anchored safely ashore.


We never fail, we never start,
The parts you play must fall apart,
We're gonna stay who we are if this is all we do,
If this is all we do, we're gonna stay who we are,
Is there more to who we are?
Track Name: Sticky on My Lips
"I can wrap my arms around you,
But I can't wrap my mind around you being,
The mother of my child.
But you can wrap your legs around my waist,
One more time before we face,
The end of our time."